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Smile About Emoticony

Emoticony is a robot for Google Wave. When added to a wave, it converts text representations of emoticons to actual images once the blip is submitted. An example of Emoticony in action can be seen below:

Demonstrating Emoticony

An embeded demo of Emoticony can be found on the Demo Page.

search Emoticons

A variety of Emoticons are available around different themes. A complete listing of the emoticons for each category can be found out by clicking the 'Explore Directory' link. This directory includes the text required for the replacement to take place.

Standard Emoticons
Hug Left
Be Right Back
question Using Emoticony

Emoticony works best if it is one of the first participants added. This is because emoticony can only react to any new blips submitted, or any blips which are edited since it became a participant.

When in the wave, type the characters of the emoticon you want to include. When you hit done (or shift + enter), Emoticony will then convert these characters into the image of emoticon. It's that simple!

If you have any more questions about using Emoticony, please email me on the email address below.

computer Emoticony on Google Code

The code for this wave robot has been made available on Google Code.
Its project page can be found here.

Also on this project page you can find the wiki, containing more information about Emoticony.

mail Contact

If you have any questions about emoticony, or suggestions for new Emoticons you would like to see added, please feel free to contact me on emoticony[at]leestone.co.uk

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Emoticony is available to use completely free of charge. If you've enjoyed using Emoticony, why not buy me a drink to say thanks?

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To use Emoticony in Google Wave, add the participant:

About The Author

Lee StoneEmoticony was created by Lee Stone.

Lee is a student at the University of Bath, UK, studying Computer Science.

Apart from technology, Lee's interests also include theme parks. He also enjoys providing technical support for Theatre shows and Live Music events.

More information about Lee can be found at his website: